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Zeolearn Academy is bringing the latest Angular Course for those who want to master 11 and learn to create complex and data centric web applications for their organization. This Angular Training Course is being offered on the online learning platform of Zeolearn which is an one-stop solution for the latest courses that one need to be certified in order to land the most desirable and in-demand jobs.

The Angular Training course is a 24-hour live online class led by accredited experts as instructors that train you with all the advanced up to date features covered in Angular 2 to 11. 

Here, at Zeolearn you learn by doing, and practically experiencing the end-to-end development cycle to bring in your best and learn Pipes, Forms, Typescript, Directives, HTTP, and much more just at one place and under expert mentors of the industry.


In this compressive training course you will get to acquire the in-demand Angular 11 skills that are being looked into by the recruiters in the candidates that will represent the interest of their organization in an efficient manner.

Angular 11, is a dynamic robust JavaScript-based development framework that is readily used in to create Single Page Applications. The Expert mentors at Zeolearn academy will tutor you from the very basics of Angular 11 and its framework such as Pipes, Forms, and CSS styling and then taking it to high-level in the complex fundamentals of Directives, Routing, along with exercises and case studies on how to build end to end, working applications. We adopt a hands-on practical approach in guiding our candidates so that you get the best working knowledge in development of Single Page Apps and creation of highly responsive and interactive web pages.

Upon the completion of this training workshop, we guarantee to make you completely familiar with the basics of Angular language and how to build SPA applications that is going to be very effective for your business in achieving faster ROI owing to the lesser maintenance cost and faster accessibility.


The average salary of an Angular Developer is $111,888 per annum

The Angular 11 certification increases you job prospects to land in the top tech companies like Weather, PayPal, The Guardian, and more which are built on Angular framework

You get to master the advanced release being up to date and further enhance your job-ready skills


As a Master in Angular 11, you tend to create more responsive and interactive web apps as compared to your non-certified peers

Reducing code and allowing your developers to be more productive will help your organization succeed

With Angular, you become efficient in integration with apps easily

You also become competent in making web, native, and desktop apps.


  1. You learn the extensive concepts of typescript that are widely used in the development of an Angular app.
  1. You learn on manually creating components as well as how to use them like CLI. Also, you are taught to decompose monolithic UI into smaller components. 
  1. You get to understand the entire development process to modularize angular application and create feature modules. 
  1. Learn about templating syntax and how to apply the concepts in developing dynamic templates and developing forms with either of the 2 kinds of techniques- template driven and reactive forms. 
  1. Learn about routing navigation and channelizing communication to consume remote services and also creating of services to hold business logic, and inject services into services & components 
  1. You also learn about usage of angular elements and their implementation with web components by understanding advanced features like, service workers, server-side rendering PWAs and Angular Material. 
  • Final Remarks:

Individuals who would like to attend the Angular Training course need to have at least basic knowledge of HTML along with intermediate knowledge of JavaScript and CSS otherwise no prior experience or expertise is mandated to attend the workshop. 

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