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More than half of all emails are classified as spam, whether or not they are, in fact, spam. That's terrible news for all digital marketers and the companies they work with. For marketers, the most effective way to keep their emails from ending up in the spam bin is to conduct frequent email validation on their mailing lists.

Have you never heard of secure email validation? This is why we chose to describe this helpful approach in a language that novice marketers and company owners can readily comprehend. There are many advantages to validating an initial list of addresses, and at the conclusion of this article, you'll be ready to do so.

Maintain Consistency in Your Email List

Email addresses expire and become invalid on a yearly basis, according to estimates ranging from 22% to 30%. About 1 in every 100 email addresses on your list expires each year, to put it another way. Even if keeping and sending invalid addresses would be costly, why do it? Performing email validation can help keep your list current and eliminate any dead or invalid email addresses you may have collected along the way.

How do you verify the email addresses on your list?

Despite the many advantages of verifying your email lists, most companies choose not to use these services. Over half of the businesses surveyed believed they had a high email bounce rate, according to new research.

After knowing about all of the advantages, you'll be certain not to fall into the group of people who keep filthy lists. Which of these choices do you have then?

Validation of a large number of emails in bulk

Your contacts must be genuine and current, no matter how big or little your business is. By using EmailOversight, you can then upload your email database and wait for the confirmation email to arrive in your inbox. The time it takes may vary depending on the length of the list, but you shouldn't have to wait more than 30 minutes.

Each email will include a result from one of the previously stated five categories, which you can then download. You will then be able to send your eye-catching campaigns to the recipients of the deliverable emails.

Cleaning Automation 

Email validation is another something that can be automated. The monitor will clean your list for you if you set it on cleaning autopilot. Your lists will be automatically synchronized and validated on a daily basis as you submit them. To enhance deliverability and secure inbox placement, use list cleaning automation to remove non-deliverable addresses from your lists, choose which emails should be deleted based on specific settings, and remove non-deliverable addresses solely from your lists.

Validation in Real-Time

The quality will not remain constant while your list is constantly changing. Some email addresses expire or are replaced by a fresh batch that should not be used for mass mailings. Fortunately, utilizing a validation API can simply prevent this from happening.

Adding a few lines of code to your HTML forms will allow you to utilize a real-time email checker. Additionally, your email database may be protected from spam by filtering invalid emails before they're added, and you can choose which characteristics to include.

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