Can Influencer Marketing Really Influence Your SEO In 2021?

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With competition in the market increasing at an incredible level, businesses are constantly on their toes when it comes to formulating winning strategies with the top SEO agency Links to an external site.professionals. And going by the main demands of clients of the best web design agency Links to an external town, you can easily say that influencer marketing seems to be enjoying a lot of attention lately.

Influencer marketing is indeed an amazing way to project your product or service in front of the global audience today. And the best thing is that digital marketing experts dealing with SEO best practices say that influencer marketing can prove to be a game-changer for SEO. This is the reason why most well-known brands are now trying to collaborate with influencers to give their brand a major boost as far as SEO is concerned. 

Leveraging influencer marketing can seem to be a little tricky but when done right, it can positively influence your SEO outcome. 

How? Well, let us find that out here.

Inbound links are precious 

The first thing is, you need to be trustworthy. And how can you earn trust? Well, get relevant links from domains that are known to have high authority. Let the influencers write about your product or services and link your website to their content - this is an effective way to earn trustworthy backlinks. Since it is coming from an influence, other high-quality authority sites will likely want to link your website to their content as well. This is a pretty good way to start. 

Authentic content is the key

Authentic content that is also unique can earn trust. Once people start trusting they will link your site thereby facilitating you to gain more backlinks. An influencer is just a medium that connects your brand to the audience If the influencer is imaginative and innovative in narrating your brand story you will go a long way. The approach must be organic for example, your influencer can propagate your brand story through Instagram stories, Snapchat, Facebook Live and so on… But make sure to choose an influencer whose area of expertise is relevant to your product or service, for instance, if you have a brand related to wildlife, you might want to consider Paul Nicklen and more. 

Use long-tail keywords as much as possible

Targeting influencers who are well-suited for long-tail keywords can be immensely helpful. Influencers or celebrities generally have some association with long-tail keywords and the best part is these keywords can be unique yet attract maximum traffic such as DIY tutorials, hair styling, make-up and much more. In this case, as well you must pay special attention to influencer analytics to determine the online presence and engagement of the influencer as far as his or her content is concerned. 

Social support

Sharing content with people is a great way to improve engagement and it also affects your off the page SEO positively. Social media platforms are a great way to reach out to people and earn external links, all you need is proper, quality and unique content. More the external links and backlinks better the authority as far as SEO is concerned. Your social media strategy must be on spot to ensure proper shares, views, and much more. If you consider Tweets, these appear in Google’s SERP that too in real-time now, if influencers share and view your content then your content will get the extra mileage you’ve been wanting. Use hashtags, to earn backlinks, use your content in several well-known question-answer sites, forums, discussions and so on. 

Evergreen content always

Evergreen content is fresh, the quality is great, and it allows people to understand how relevant it is to their needs. Make your content more practical that can be used by people to solve problems faced by them in their daily lives. Suppose your company is into making spices, do not brag about how great your product is or your brand is, rather try to earn credibility by working with the influencer who is generating content regarding “How to make fried chicken?” Now this influencer will provide the recipe and then will link your site to the content so that people can engage with your content more. People care about solutions and not the brand. 

Reach and Engagement

Influencers have a huge fan following, as a result, your content will be visible automatically. Influencers will start sharing your content and the followers will engage with the content as well as content and a chain reaction starts happening. Gradually, you will become more visible in front of potential site visitors and buyers. You already know it that more traffic on your site means you will get a pretty great ranking on Google’s SERP. A single share can even help with the engagement of your content with a completely new audience. 

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