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In today's world of digital age, there are probably few people who have never heard of content production. If you ask anyone what that is, they will probably answer. Because the world of content is so vast that anyone can define it. In this article we want to talk about everything you need to know about content production. If you are interested in this topic and want to know more about it, we suggest you read this article to the end.

As you know, media and social networks are growing every day. Using social media to promote your product is a good idea; because it provides many opportunities for your brand to introduce itself to users. But the important issue in this area is how to produce content in these networks? And how we can achieve our goals through this matter.

What does content production mean?

Probably the first phrase that comes to everyone's mind after hearing content is text production. But is that really the case, and does content production simply refer to the production of textual content?

The answer to this question is definitely no. Content can refer to the any type of content. In fact, content production means: sharing a series of sciences or skills with others through video, photos, text, audio and etc. on popular social networks or personal websites, news websites, blog websites and corporate service websites.

So you can see that creating content can be done in audio, video, text, etc. formats.

In simpler terms, content is what you deal with every day; Funny clips or photos and product descriptions that you see on Instagram, podcasts that you listen to when you return from college in a taxi, instructional videos that you watch on YouTube, digital books that you read on your mobile or computer, and finally this article that is now you are reading, all of them are considered types of content.

So in general, everything you see, hear or read in the digital world is considered content.

Content types

Textual content

In global research in the field of content, textual content has always been able to gain the most trust of the audience. All research articles are published in writing and the reason for this is people's trust in the texts. Or among the collections for which both the book and the film are available, their book is more about learning and the film is more about entertainment, and in general, the content in the form of text evokes a sense of trust in us.

Audio content

Audio and a variety of sound effects in content marketing can have a double effect on text format, which is why in the golden years of radio, many audio content, including comedy, drama, classical music concerts, news, and reports, was broadcast to millions of Americans.

Video content

Recently, one of the notable trends in digital media has been the emphasis on video content production. Many believe that the change in the practice of using video content is due to changing media habits. And the fact that people are less inclined to read words is not ineffective in this change of practice. Content marketing executives today are well aware that with the specified frameworks, the best topic for producing video content is making instructional and explanatory videos, interviews with officials, expiration videos such as food, and promotional videos.

Visual content

Visual content is one of the most popular digital marketing content today, and the increasing use of visual social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. has led business owners and online digital marketers to use this type of content extensively to achieve have your goals. One of the success factors of visual content is that this type of content attracts attention and its production process is simpler and does not have the uniformity of textual content. Statistics show that visual content accounts for 93% of human communication.

From content production to content marketing

Have you ever wondered why celebrities in the digital world have so many followers? What is the difference between these people and ordinary people?

Definitely one of the differences between these people is in the purpose and how they produce the content. Celebrities or businesses use content production for purposes such as monetization, marketing, branding and sales.

Also, not all content can help achieve these goals. Simply put, not every content is content.

In fact, Generating content is just one step in the content-based marketing cycle. If we want to describe the content marketing cycle, we can mention 6 steps for it. These steps are in order:


Developing a content strategy

Content production



Correction and updating

So the important thing in this regard is that just content production is not enough. Creating content alone is like a goalless activity. The beginning of a path that you do not know where it leads to. Or whether there is an end to it or not.

Generate useful content that can generate revenue for you or make a difference in the world around you.

Benefits of Content Production

Content production and marketing has many advantages, the most important of which are:

Making money from your content.

Brings customers to your product or service.

It is a low cost method.

Helps build reputation, trust and credibility.

Its results and performance can be easily analyzed.

It is effective in customer loyalty.

When to start producing content?

It is natural for many of us to think about content production after starting our business. SEO and getting proper rankings from search engines is also one of the main goals of content production. But the goal is ultimately one thing: promote the product and sell more. For this reason, it seems necessary to observe prerequisites before the content production stage.

1) First of all, the basic content of your website should be complete, about us, contact us, rules and regulations and product descriptions are the main pages that if you do not think about them, the audience will not buy from you.

2) Now it is the turn of blog content. SEO-oriented content whose main purpose is to appear on the first pages of Google and attract the audience by clicking on them.

3) Now is the time to put articles. A two-way communication with the customer. Because at this stage, the audience has entered your website and you must gain his trust through this.

4) And finally now is the time to advertise, advertise your content and products! You can now use a variety of methods such as social media, click-through advertising, reporting and many other ways to promote.

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