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Iran is probably one of the most spectacular countries you've ever heard of for its unique culture, nature, and history. Every kind of traveler will find something to enjoy in Iran. In Iran, you can find some of the most exquisite architecture, the friendliest people, the best food, and the sunniest cities. But what is it like to visit Iran?

Iran tour packages are the best and most economical way to experience more than what you already know about Iran. Having a native guide makes you experience Iran like a local and makes you feel closer to the country. Here, we will discuss all the tours you can take in Iran. We are confident that one of them is going to satisfy your desire!

Iran Classic Tour Packages

When you are traveling to Iran for a short time and want to see the most interesting cities in the country, we recommend the classic Iran tour package in which you are taken to Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz.

If you haven't been yet, perhaps you should visit Iran's capital. With traces of its past from over a hundred years ago, this city combines modernity with traditional art and architecture. Tehran itself is one of the major tourist destinations in Iran, so you are probably starting your journey here. Furthermore, Isfahan has become one of Iran's top tourist destinations, hosting hundreds of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year. It is considered to be the most beautiful tourist destination in Iran, as it is one of the oldest Iranian cities. The beautiful Zayandeh River flows through Isfahan and the city is dotted with turquoise domes. Isfahan is seldom missed by anyone who comes to Iran.

Last but not least, Shiraz is the jewel of Iranian cities. It is the last of the classic cities you will see on a traditional Iran tour package. A magnificent building located at the foot of the mountain, Persepolis, is at the entrance to Shiraz. It is the oldest royal building in Iran. Shiraz is home to countless sights, including the Pink Mosque, the tombs of Hafez and Saadi, the Karim Khan Citadel, the Bazaar and Baths, and the Vakil Mosque. Iran will be forever etched into your memory because of this Iran tour package.

Classic tours of Iran will show you UNESCO-listed places. You can explore everything from the capital, Tehran, to Persepolis, Pasargad, the Naghshe Jahan Square, mosques, and historical churches of Iran. If you take the Iran tour package, the journey will take about 7 to 10 days, and you will stop for about 2 or 3 days in each city. Travelers with children, elderly travelers, or those traveling in groups may find this method advantageous.


Historical Civilizations Tours

Taking a trip to central Iran would be interesting. The deserts and ancient cities are filled with intriguing cultures and nature. Iran has one of the oldest civilizations within its desert and nearby. With a warm and sunny climate, you will find yourself in the picturesque cities of Yazd, Isfahan, and Kerman. Through this tour, you can explore the ancient and thatched alleyways of Yazd while viewing tall windbreaks that have been built to the sky. Take a trip to one of Iran's most beautiful deserts and soak in the energy of the desert by putting your feet against hot sands.

Ancient tours of Iran typically last about a week and are great for those who are fascinated by history and unique places. On this Iran tour package, don't miss the chance to camp in the desert or stay in eco-tourism hotels.


Nature Tour in Iran

You probably know that Iran is more than just stunning mansions and ancient ruins. This country is blessed with light, sunshine, and a beautiful natural environment. Iran holiday packages provide holidaymakers with a chance to experience Iran's climate up close. Desert tours are widely available in Iran, but nature tours are not limited to those.

Visiting all sorts of spots, including the Dizin ski slope and the Maranjab desert, as well as Niasar waterfall and Pink Lake, is possible on tours. With regards to nature tourism in Iran, taking a tour allows you to make the most of the region's potential for familiarizing yourself with nature, its local people, and its cultural traditions. All these tours can be customized according to your interest by TAP Persia, one of the most trusted Iran tour package operators in Iran.

A Journey Between Nomads

Traveling to Iran and spending the night with a nomadic tribe is an excellent option for those seeking a unique experience. The nomads are some of the most hospitable and sincere people in the world. A black tent is a perfect place to sleep on a cool summer night. In the morning, you will see the sun's rays shining on the peaceful plains. You can join the awakening of nature each morning. With Iran nomadic tours you will experience Iranian cuisine in this Iran tour package with local and fresh dairy products, wild vegetables, and a variety of other foods that will make you remember the taste of being surrounded by the most diverse people in the country.

Iran Tour Package Prices

Each Iran tour package is priced differently. There is a wide range of prices for tours depending on the number of services you receive, the length of your trip, the place you go, as well as the transportation costs. Your personalized tour price can be seen easily when booking your Iran tour package online. You will receive a 5% discount when you book your first tour with TAP Persia. After filling out your details, simply type in "TAPpackagetour" as the discount code.

Why should I go on a tour in Iran?

Iran is a wonderful country to travel to on your own, but it is even better when you visit this amazing country while on a trip, especially for Americans, Brits, and Canadians who cannot travel independently to Iran due to the political situation between these countries. All licensed tours are pre-arranged through the tourist centers and accommodations, and a wide range of services are offered. Getting tickets for historical sites, boutique hotels, and boutique hotels may be difficult for you to coordinate. The payment process for all these services may be challenging, especially due to the complex banking and financial conditions in Iran. When you use TAP Persia’s Iran tour package, all these chores, from coordination to payment, will be taken care of by an experienced organizer and you will have a memorable and comfortable experience.

The visa-related operations will be completed by TAP Persia within three days, and the Visa Authorization Code will be given to you. Your Travel Insurance will cover you during your trip. Our TAP Persia Iran tour package service includes airport pickup and drop-off from the airport, so worry no more about intercity transportation from the airport to the hotel. Iran TAP Persia tours are also available with private land transport. This package offers all types of accommodations to choose from, from 5-star hotels to eco-tourism.Your tour package to Iran can also include domestic flights within the country.

We have English-speaking guides on all Iran tour packages, so there is no need to be concerned about communication. The entrance fees to all tourist and historical sites are paid for by the tour. The tour operator also provides a continental breakfast for all Iran tour packages. Finally, TAP Persia will provide you with 24/7 support during your trip to ensure your comfort and safety.


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