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Selection and purchase guide

From time immemorial, human beings have always sought greater convenience and replaced more old-fashioned inventions with more efficient ones in various fields. Changing the temperature of the earth in the four seasons is a challenge that can not be ignored and man has to think of ways to warm himself in winter and get rid of hot summer weather to deal with the problems caused by this change in temperature and water and Air may be created, not encountered.

Today, a new generation of air conditioners has entered the field that has been able to enter our homes and buildings with their good efficiency and performance compared to older equipment such as water coolers, gas heaters, etc. In this article, as a selection and purchase guide, we have described everything about Ducted Split, stay tuned.

Ducted splits are a good example of the new generation of air conditioning equipment, which in addition to their main task, which is to balance the ambient temperature, also have a great impact on the beauty and layout of the environment due to their modernity and less space. The ducted split device works similarly to the split device, except that you place this device on top of the false ceiling, and the only thing that can be seen from this device in the environment is a beautiful and elegant valve. One of the advantages of Ducted Split is the ability to draw a ducted to deliver fresh air to other rooms and easily add a hot water coil to use the heating system of this device. Currently, among the devices that are used for air conditioning, the ducted split is especially popular because of the uniform transfer of cold and heat, the removal of ambient humidity and the ability to install vents on the walls, ceiling, and even the floor are the advantages that encourage users to buy this device.

Here are some common questions about choosing and buying a ducted split.


What capacity is Ducted Split suitable for our environment?

Considering parameters such as area and area and humidity percentage of our geographical location, we can choose a ducted split with a suitable capacity. For example: If the air coefficient of Tehran is 400 and the area of the residential environment where we want to use ducted split is 100 square meters, by multiplying these numbers we get the appropriate ducted split capacity is 40000 = 400 * 100

The table below shows the approximate ratio of ducted split capacity to an ambient area in temperate weather.




Residential environment

30 to 40 meter

40 to 55 meter

50  to 70 meter

60 to 80 meter

70 to 90 meter

90 to 125 meter

Office environment

25 to 35 meter

35 to 50 meter

45 to 60 meter

55 to 70 meter

60 to 80 meter

80 to 120 meter

Business Environment

20 to 30 meter

30 to 40 meter

40 to 50 meter

50 to 60 meter

60 to 70 meter

70 to 110 meter

Ducted split capacity








 For more information on selecting and purchasing the required ducted split, contact the sales 


Important Note: Before selecting and purchasing the split ducted required for your unit, in addition to considering the sufficient aeration capacity and volume of the selected device for the desired space, you should consider other important issues such as the type of single-phase or three-phase power required by the device and the possibility Note the power supply in the unit as well as the physical dimensions, especially the height of the internal panel of the device for the possibility of being placed on top of the false ceiling of the relevant unit.

What are the models of Ducted Split?

Ducted splits in terms of performance, are available in two models, conventional and inverter.

What is the difference between a normal ducted split and an inverter?

Conventional ducted splits have only two or zero states in engine or compressor performance, or more precisely, the intermediate state and compressor speed adjustment are not defined for them. However, due to the ambient temperature, the inverter slows down after a few minutes and the engine or compressor speed can change in the range of zero to one hundred, for example, 30%, 50%, etc. (This means a reduction in energy consumption and longevity). Most devices).


What brands produce high-quality ducted split products?

Some various companies and brands are active in the field of production or supply of ducted split, but in our country, the brands that are most welcomed by people in terms of quality, reasonable price, etc. are as follows.



Iran radiator

G Plus



Where can we get a quality ducted split?

Damatajhiz specialized collection (the first and most reputable online store in the country in the field of building installation equipment and all air conditioners, since 2004 and has 3 valid licenses), a variety of ducted split machines, and hundreds of other products with the guarantee of the originality of the product, warranty Offers a reliable and reasonable price to you, dear users and colleagues.


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