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CCTV The use of security and surveillance systems is one of the ways to increase security for all residents of large cities such as Tehran, so At pink That You You will Security To Increase your home or workplace You should be able to make the most of the existence of CCTV cameras as well as the installation of CCTV cameras by using the services provided by CCTV installation companies.

The best CCTV installation company in Tehran is Aria Eyes Awake Company, which in addition to having several teams in the field of CCTV installation, also provides services

such as installing alarms, installing electric shutters, installing electric jacks

cctv installer in tehran

The cost of installing a CCTV camera

CCTV Camera Like other electronic equipment, in addition to the cost required to purchase this equipment, a fee for its installation and commissioning must be paid to the CCTV camera installer(نصاب دوربین مداربسته)

 In the meantime, using the best CCTV cameras that have high quality and acceptable cost for you will make the cost of purchasing CCTV equipment quite cost-effective and you will get the quality you need at a reasonable cost. By choosing a professional CCTV installer who has enough experience in setting up a CCTV camera or burglar alarm, you can also reduce the cost of installing a CCTV camera. Also, having a professional installer will make you Get your after-sales service and training needs for free 

 Install CCTV at home

Installing a CCTV camera at home is often to control the babysitter or middle-aged person who is alone at home, and parents or children want to be able to fully control the performance of this nurse by installing a CCTV camera at home , in iran that says نصب دوربین در منزل

For this purpose, wireless CCTV cameras that do not require conventional storage devices and wiring for CCTV cameras, and this model of CCTV cameras can be easily installed at home.

Since this model of CCTV camera is not particularly complicated to install and set up, you can install a wireless camera for your home without the need for a CCTV camera installer.

One of the best CCTV cameras for the home is the  V380 CCTV camera, which gives you the ability to have CCTV images on your mobile phone. 

The most important places where CCTV cameras should be installed are:

  • Entrance and exit doors of the building
  • parking door
  • Building parking lots
  • roof top
  • Entrance to the elevator
  • Entrance to warehouses
  • Location of building facilities

نصاب دوربین مداربسته

CCTV image transmission

Everyone who installs a CCTV camera wants to be able to see the camera live from their phone. This is called CCTV image transfer to the phone.

 CCTV image transfer is not a very complicated and wonderful task in practice, and you only need to perform a series of very simple settings according to the instructions of your DVR device and using the internet connection, you can easily transfer the camera image on the phone. Do it

Image transfer on mobile

Image transfer on a mobile phone that has Android or IOS operating systems can be easily done using the relevant software of the DVR device, all you have to do is install the relevant software on your phone. Using the settings that exist inside the software and using the internet of your mobile phone, you can easily view the CCTV images on your phone. To do this, it is necessary that your DVR device also be connected to the Internet via a modem.

 This can be done in two ways: using P2P or using a fixed IP provided by your modem device from the server you need. Each of these methods has a series of technical principles of specific settings that are better. Leave the image transfer work on your mobile phone to a professional CCTV installer because the CCTV installer with all the details and modules of this Softwares Familiar And You Other Need To Do works of Very Amazing And  do not have one And single you can Next From Installation Soft Software And Do Settings By Installer Camera To Comfort Yourself Pictures Camera closed circuit View do 

Image transmission with wireless antenna

In some places you may not have access to the Internet, in which case you can transfer your CCTV image without the Internet and using a wireless antenna.

To transfer a CCTV image using a wireless antenna, you need to move your DVR device to a much farther distance, at least a distance of more than 10 km, through the nano-station antenna, and use a Another antenna receives CCTV images and there you can view your CCTV images using the Internet or other communication equipment.

It should be noted that the use of wireless antennas allows you to create a computer network between your DVR and another place that has a lot in common with each other. This network is only used to transmit your CCTV images and If you want to look at these pictures through the internet, you have to use other special arrangements from me

Performing the above operations is a very technical work and requires a specialized team, which requires you to use a professional CCTV installer for this case, which in addition to experience and sufficient knowledge of the computer network and how to set up computer networks for the camera Also have a closed circuit

The overall structure of the CCTV system

CCTV cameras are divided in terms of appearance and quality, as well as different applications and categories. In this section, we want to examine the types of CCTV cameras to know that when buying a CCTV camera or to install a CCTV camera compared to Performing the identification of the best camera and the most suitable for the places you need is accompanied by a careful selection

In general, the structure of the CCTV camera consists of the camera itself. The CCTV image storage device is the connection between the camera and the storage device and other peripheral equipment for installing the CCTV camera. 

Types of CCTV cameras

Types of CCTV cameras in terms of appearance and image quality are as follows, which is fully explained, but consider that the cameras can be categorized in terms of functional structure and other technical factors. Due to the professionalism of these cases, it is necessary to use a user CCTV installer for these cases. 

Types of CCTV shapes

CCTV cameras in terms of appearance into two general categories of livestock (ceiling CCTV) that are suitable for installing the camera under the roof and attic of homes or workplaces, which is basically better to use this model of CCTV camera outdoors and a Another category is the Bolt CCTV camera or the same wall-mounted CCTV camera that is mounted on the wall, since the possibility of stealing more and better CCTV models of these models, either at higher altitudes or in an environment where it is possible Its theft is less to be installed

Types of CCTV quality

CCTV cameras are divided into two general categories in terms of quality: analog and HD . CCTV cameras have different qualities from 13 megapixels to 8 megapixels . It becomes That Any Which From They Has Quality های Different And Vage technology has the ability to form different images, and some high-quality cameras have the ability to recognize people's faces and others even have the ability to read license plates moving at a maximum speed of 200 km, which you can easily according to need. Your project When installing a CCTV camera and consulting your installer, you can provide the best quality CCTV camera for yourself.

CCTV installer of Aria Eyes Awake Company

According to the explanations provided in the above sections, it is quite clear that when it comes to installing CCTV, it is necessary to use a company that has sufficient experience and expertise in the field of CCTV equipment and security and surveillance systems.

The best CCTV company in Tehran, which has a large number of experienced and high-quality CCTV installers, is Aria Eyes Awake Company.

In addition to launching CCTV cameras, Aria Eyes Company has a team with high expertise and experience in the field of providing technical support and training services in order to make optimal use of CCTV equipment, and you can use the expertise and experience of Awake Eyes Company. Aria, you can use your CCTV project from the beginning when you want this protection and monitoring system to continue to work.

Aria Eyes Awake Company is located in Jomhory St., Tehran, after Hafez Bridge, Amjad Passage, 4th floor, Unit 12, and has the following technical departments:

  • CCTV Production Department
  • CCTV Installation Department
  • CCTV Sales Department
  • CCTV Repair Department
  • hour support and training department

Having also a powerful and professional company, you can easily use the quality protection and monitoring systems produced by this company, which are offered under the  INFINITY camera brand(نصب دوربین مداربسته) in the Iranian CCTV market.

Contact company to receive CCTV installation services is 02166762449

نصب دوربین مداربسته

this article is based on the cctv marketing in IRAN and especially in Tehran that capital of iran.

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