Buying and selling Binance Coin and Ethereum in Iranian digital currency exchange

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If you're one of those people who are interested in the digital currency market, you must have heard of Binance Coin and Ethereum. But do you know how to buy and sell these two currencies? Do you know that you can also trade such currencies in Iranian digital currency exchanges? Have you always looked for ways to trade such currencies in foreign exchange offices?

 You must be aware that operating in foreign exchange offices has its own problems due to international sanctions. So the best way is to choose an Iranian exchange for this. Of course, you must be very careful about security issues and all the features of the exchange so as not to suffer losses.

In this article, we want to speak about buying and selling Binance Coin and Ethereum currencies in the Iranian exchange KIFPOOL.ME. KIFPOOL.ME exchange has been introduced as the best Iranian cryptocurrency exchange in 1400, and this is only due to the good capabilities and features that this exchange has been able to show itself so far.

But before buying and selling the two currencies mentioned, it is better to give a brief introduction of these two.

What is Binance Coin?

Bainance coin Currency (BNB) is the coin of largest digital currency exchange. This exchange is one of the largest and most reputable exchanges in the world of digital currencies. In addition to being a source of investment, Binance coin has other advantages. By using this coin when buying and selling in Bainance exchange, you will also be entitled to a discount on commissions.

Binance Coin has experienced many price ups and downs during its nearly 2 years of operation. For people who trade digital currencies globally, Binance coin or BNB is an effective tool. If you want to buy and sell this coin, read on.

binance coin is currently the third largest digital currency after Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) and is currently the second largest DeFi platform after Ethereum. Therefore, with the growth of the DeFi market and the implementation of more projects on the business of Chain Smart, the demand and price of BNB will surely increase. For this reason, it can also be used as an investment. Users who invest in BNB receive a 25% discount at Binance Exchange, which makes it popular with traders. BNB can also be used to pay for goods and services such as travel expenses, credit card fees, gifts and more.

Bainance is a digital currency exchange founded by Chang Peng Zhao and Hee Yi in July 2017 and has since become one of the largest digital currency exchanges in the world in terms of trading volume and market share. Binance Exchange has facilities such as Spot Market and Futures Market, and beyond that, it also offers projects such as Binance Academy and Trust Wallet, as well as a decentralized exchange.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is the second generation of digital currencies and is in fact a platform that, in addition to supporting activities related to digital money, has made it possible to perform various contracts digitally and decentrally. Ethereum (eth) digital currency operates on the blockchain network and its main currency is called ether.

Following the introduction of Bitcoin as the first digital currency in the world digital financial market in 2008, this time a young Russian named Vitalik Butrin was inspired by this digital currency to create a currency called Ethereum, which finally officially launched in digital currency market in 2015.

In fact, Butrin's goal in creating Ethereum was to provide the conditions for all other financial activities in addition to digital monetary activities to be carried out digitally and in a decentralized manner without intermediaries.

Ethereum is a digital currency that operates decentrally in the blockchain network platform, and in addition to transferring digital money, it is possible to make various smart contracts in this financial market without intermediaries and digitally.

A smart contract is a platform for which a series of specific conditions are pre-defined and if these conditions are met, the mentioned contract will be executed automatically on the blockchain network without intermediaries.

With the Ethereum platform and its further development, it will soon be possible to conduct all financial activities in a decentralized manner and on a blockchain platform. In fact, the main goal of this platform is to eliminate all intermediaries and reduce additional costs from all financial activities.

Ethereum features

Ethereum has features that have made it popular among digital currency market participants. To better understand this digital currency and how it works, it is necessary to first get acquainted with its features, for this purpose, the features of Ethereum (eth) are introduced and explained below:

  • Ethereum is a digital platform.
  • Ethereum operates on the blockchain network platform.
  • It is possible to conclude contracts digitally and decentrally.
  • Ethereum seeks to remove intermediaries from all available financial activities.
  • Its main currency is called Ether, which is also called Ethereum.
  • Its transaction speed is about 16 financial transactions per second.
  • Ethereum digital currency is unlimited in supply.
  • To store ether, like other digital currencies, you need to use a digital currency wallet.
  • The Ethereum platform is very secure and impenetrable.
  • This network is unstoppable and no one, not even its builder, can stop it.

Buying and selling Binance Coin and Ethereum in the Iranian digital currency exchange KIFPOOL.ME

Users can easily buy and sell through online exchanges that support this currency. It is noteworthy that Iran is currently on the sanctions list of many large digital currency exchanges such as Bainance, KuCoin and others. Therefore, it is not possible to buy and sell digital currencies in the context of these exchanges. Under these conditions, buying and selling foreign currency in an Iranian exchange is more secure and reduces the cost of transactions; As a result, it is more economical.

There are several ways to buy Binance Coin and Ethereum. The best and most widely used method is to buy Binance Coin and Ethereum in Rials through online exchanges of Iranian digital currency. In the following, we will get acquainted with the steps of buying these currencies from exchange offices.

Step 1: Select a Trusted Exchange (KIFPOOL.ME)

Digital currency exchanges are the same as regular exchanges, but instead of dollars and euros, Binance Coin and other cryptocurrencies are traded. The nature of digital currencies requires that everything in these transactions be online. As you know, it is currently not possible to buy digital currency in Rials from foreign exchange offices; therefore, the best way to buy digital currency in Rials is to go to Iranian online exchanges.

In the first step of buying Binance Coin and Ethereum, you should pay attention to the features and criteria for choosing an exchange. Price, credit, user feedback, ease of use, transaction fees, etc. are among those features.

It is better to note that buying Binance Coin and Ethereum from foreign exchanges is not without risk. You must have a foreign bank account and go through the authentication steps in these exchanges. You may not have a problem with authentication, but you should know that following reputable international sanctions against Iran, most reputable foreign exchange offices have blocked Iranians' accounts. Therefore, you cannot register with these Iranian identities in these exchanges. Assuming registration, it will be possible to block your account or block your assets in these exchanges at any time.

Therefore, the best way to buy Binance Coin and Ethereum right now is to buy from Iranian online exchanges. We offer you the choice of KIFPOOL.ME exchange. The exchange currently supports a large number of digital currencies and is adding to its supported currencies on a daily basis. By choosing this exchange, you will no longer have the problems of sanctions and closing your account. This exchange also has a very high level of security and you can safely buy or sell your digital currencies.

Step 2: Registration and authentication in the exchange

If you want to buy and sell in Iranian exchange offices, you must first register on the main website of these exchange offices. Then you have to go through the authentication process to buy and sell Binance Coin (BNB) and other digital currencies in Rials through the banking portal.

Customer authentication or KYC (know your customer) is a common process in all exchanges around the world. In international exchanges, KYC is governed by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). Also, in Iranian exchange offices, the authentication process is carried out under the supervision of FATA police. The authentication process is similar in most exchanges and is an essential step in purchasing Binance Coin and Ethereum.

To go through the authentication process in most Iranian exchange offices, having a national card and a bank card is enough, and by having a selfie with the text of each exchange's signature and also the photo of your identification document, you can pass this stage. Of course, these steps are slightly different according to the internal laws of the exchange offices.

The process of authenticating users in exchange offices usually takes between one day and one week.


Step 3: Buy Binance Coin and Ethereum with a bank card

After completing the authentication process in the exchange office and verifying the documents and bank account, you can buy and sell Binance Coin and Ethereum through the banking portal. Note that to buy Binance Coin and Ethereum, you only need to use the same bank cards that are approved by the exchange. (To confirm a bank card, the bank card must be in your name.)

Step 4: Receive Binance Coin and Ethereum from the exchange

Once you have paid by bank card, you are a few steps away from receiving Binance Coin and Ethereum. At this stage, there are differences according to the exchange structure.

You can easily do all the above steps in the Iranian exchange KIFPOOL.ME without worrying about losing your capital and assets. This exchange has been able to gain the trust of many users since the beginning of its activity. 24-hour and fast support of KIFPOOL.ME expert team is one of the positive points that can be mentioned. This exchange has also provided many facilities and features to its users to turn the activity in the digital currency market into an experience and a pleasant memory. One of the other actions that this exchange has done is designing and running the KIFPOOL.ME application on mobile, which is very easy to work with. So that even novice users can easily use it and buy or sell their desired digital currencies without any problems.

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