Ways to have fun When Learning

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Find new language partners with whom you have a lot in common. Tikkaa encourages the students and users to connect with other users and tutors who share the same hobbies. for example one of the popular courses on tikkaa.ir is learning English while watching a movie chosen by your teacher. These classes are followed by free discussions. In the free discussion session, students talk about what they think of the movie. So if you love a certain series, movie director, or even a series of books, you can ask the teacher to include them in your learning materials.

Remember to Have Fun

Language has become much easier, and many people start learning another language as a form of pastime. If you can speak English or Persian or if your search term on google is language classes near me chances are that you can find a very suitable teacher on our platform. 

Instagram time

Instagram is a widely popular social media in Iran. many of the Iranians and other people use this platform for getting familiar with another language. Tikkaa has a very active account on Instagram. There are even free discussion sessions that are held through live videos on Instagram. Anybody can participate in these sessions. In order to comment and be active in the class, viewers can follow a link that is provided in the comments.

Don't forget to leave comments! 

Invite your friends

Are you one of those social butterflies who enjoys talking to new people in your classes? or are you one of the timid students who feel more comfortable in the presence of their besties? In either case, you can always count on tikkaa to make you feel more comfortable. Conversing with a teacher who has much more advanced language skills compared to you can become boring.

The good news is that semi-private classes are a thing in Tikkaa. If you book a class with two or three other students, your fees will be reduced to half. You can inform your teacher that you are willing to have other students who have a close level of language proficiency to yours in your class. 

Complete Challenges, Recieve Gifts

Teachers can define challenges for each student. Those who manage to complete their challenges will receive books or free sessions as gifts. You can design a personal challenge! and talk to your tutor about it.

Keep it simple

Have you noticed that when you start working out, it will be better for you if you start with small steps and shorter workout sessions? Learning a new language is similar to growing muscules. It needs patience. When you learn to add to the complexity and the length of each session slowly, your brain would have some time to adapt.

In Tikkaa, your tutors will keep your learning pace in check. We recommend a standard journey. Having two sessions per week is always a good start.

Where to start?

Most of our tutors offer free trial sessions for whom search for best free language learning websites. You can book a session with any teacher whose schedule matches yours. You can register using an email address or a whatsapp number.

We have your back! So start your online language learning journey on tikkaa.


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