RNA and Vaccine, structure, function and Definition

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RNA is an abbreviation for Ribonucleic Acid molecule that acts as an intermediate molecule in the cell. This molecule is a bridge between DNA and Protein and is the main genetic code in some of the virus particles. RNA is a single strand molecule with a unique acid nucleic arrangement made by A, U, C and G.

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RNA Structure:

RNA structure basically shows a single-stranded chain of similar subunits of A, U, C and G ribonucleic Acid. This single strand structure based on the molecular interactions shows self pairing behavior through the cell. This 3d conformation of RNA shows similar patterns such as bulges and helices.

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RNA Function:

RNA acts as an important intermediate molecule in the cell that has three main functions: mRNA, tRNA and rRNA are 3 classes of RNA that control the cell's mechanism and metabolic network.

MRNA plays an important role in protein synthesis and carries genetic codes from DNA to the Ribosomes for protein synthesis process.



A Vaccine is an artificial biological agent that helps humans provide active acquired immunity to the unique infectious disease, A vaccine used as a social healthy and social immune security tool to prevent from bacterial or virus pandemic.

A vaccine particle usually contains weakened or killed forms of the microorganisms or Virus, it’s toxins or one of it’s surface proteins.

Vaccines have 4 main types based on the particles such as Virus, Protein sub unit, viral vectors and nucleic acids (RNA and DNA).

Designing a vaccine is a very hard process need lots of information about human immune system and its details, understanding microorganisms, pathogens molecules and

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Today mRNA from Pfizer created a big revolution against COVID19 pandemic and helped the world's security and safety.


Lectures and Course about RNA:

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