Top 10 best hotels in Iran with traditional architecture!

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Staying in traditional hotels and old houses is a good opportunity to get familiar with the culture and history of that place. Also, the original architecture and their arrangement are so memorable and rich in Iranian culture that it will be a very different experience for you. Now, if you also want to have a memorable and unique stay in the best traditional hotels of Iran; Never miss the following!

  1. The best rock hotel in Iran!

Laleh International Rock Hotel in Kandovan village is the only rock hotel in Iran with a capacity of 120 people, which has ordinary rooms with Jacuzzi, as well as royal and imperial suites with a natural and unique design. Kandovan Hotel, despite its beautiful and unique rock restaurant, relaxing coffee shop and the only rock conference hall in the world, along with the most equipped air conditioning systems and other welfare amenities, attracts many tourists from all over Iran and the world every year.

In addition to the special architecture of this hotel and its harmony with nature, the location of the historic village of Kandovan in the area of ​​environmental protection and the inclusion of beautiful wildlife, unique climate with a very special view of endless greenery and rich mineral water springs all and all has added to the charms of the only rock hotel in Iran.

  1. Abbasi Historical Hotel

Abbasi Caravanserai, which became known as Abbasi Hotel after the change of use; It was built during the reign of Shah Hussein Safavi. This hotel has a lot of amazing architecture from the Safavi era and represents that period of history.

  1. The oldest traditional house in Kashan

Manouchehri Kashan Traditional House Hotel, after 400 years since its construction, is still considered one of the unique treasures of traditional Iranian architecture, which has been built inspired by the traditions and culture of the desert region. Among the accommodation equipment of Manouchehri Hotel, we can mention 9 rooms on three sides of the courtyard overlooking the interior, garden and pool.

  1. Qajar style accommodation!

Qazvin Behroozi Hotel, built during the Qajar period; It has a central courtyard and two side courtyards, as well as an inner courtyard with semi-circular proportions. This traditional hotel will bring you a memorable stay with facilities such as a traditional bath, restaurant and photography studio.

  1. The first brick hotel in the world!

Malek Al-Tojjar Hotel in Yazd, which has been established in a historical house of the same name; It has belonged to a person named Haji Ali Askar Shirazi (nicknamed Malek Al-Tojjar), a merchant with a Yazdi background, who lived with his family until four generations after him. This hotel is the first brick hotel in the world and has 23 rooms. This hotel started its activity in 1997 and due to its exclusive beauty, it has become an ideal place for guests and tourists with taste and in search of peace and beauty.

  1. One of the best desert hotels

Although the nature of the desert seems a bit harsh, its magical simplicity attracts many tourists every year. Bali Hotel located in the desert of Isfahan; It is one of the desert hotels in Iran that with its mud walls and unique simplicity provides endurance of hot desert days and watching the beauties of its starry sky at night.

  1. Unforgettable stay in Kermanshah

Laleh Bistoon International Hotel in Kermanshah with an area of ​​6000 meters is located on the old road from Kermanshah to Hamedan and at the foot of Bistoon Mountain. It is interesting to know that this hotel is located in front of the historical monument of Farhad Tarash and it will be very interesting to visit it.

The beautiful architecture of this region, in addition to the structure taken from the architecture of the Safavi era, has been multiplied by being located in the heart of the beautiful mountains and the Biston World Effect. In this hotel you can enjoy modern facilities such as Lamkade, traditional restaurant and summer restaurant. To reach this tourist city, you can also buy a Kermanshah train ticketLinks to an external site., plane ticket or bus ticket. For example, Ghasedak24 is one of the online travel agencies that offers all travel services such as Raja, Fadak, etc. train tickets. To get familiar with the train ticket price, you can also visit Ghasedak24 website and make your buy in the shortest time.

  1. Shushtar traditional hotel

This traditional hotel is built in the historical Sarabi house with a history of 150 years. Staying in this historical house will be accompanied by serving traditional food of Shushtar city and displaying historical objects of this city. Shushtar Hotel has 25 beds, which all of them are decorated with the historical symbols of this city.

  1. The first traditional hotel in Shiraz

Shiraz Niayesh Hotel is the first traditional hotel in Shiraz and is located in one of the old neighborhoods of the city, which is not a street within a radius of 150 meters. Niayesh Hotel, along with a series of mosques, churches and fire temples in this area, shows the very beautiful and admirable architecture of Shiraz. To book a hotel in Shiraz, you can get to this attractive city with a Shiraz bus ticket (بلیط-اتوبوس-شیرازLinks to an external site.) .Of course, there are other ways to reach Shiraz, such as private cars, planes and trains. However, due to the cheap price of Shiraz bus tickets, this method is more popular among passengers and is always available.

  1. A different and historic residence

Nematzadeh House is one of the historical houses in Tabriz, which is located on South Artesh Street. Many years ago, this house became the first traditional hotel in Tabriz with a change of use, and its modern facilities in a space full of decorations and architecture of the Qajar period, provided a different space and accommodation for Iranian and foreign tourists.

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